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Wine Publicity

We have a network of writers and bloggers who love to talk about wine. Whether it’s a virtual tasting or a social media blitz, we can put your wine brand in front of influential, well-respected writers with both tightly-targeted or broad appeal publications.


Whether you’re planning a small group tasting or a large fundraising gala, we can consult with you on wine selection, to help you choose and procure wines that will wow your audience. From small boutique wineries to international importers, we will work within your budget to find the perfect pairings for your own special event.


We were using social media before most people knew how to tweet. We can teach you how to compose a tweet, effectively use the #hastag or be your personal social media maven. From Facebook to Instagram to Twitter, we will have you Linked in no time.


The best story gets nowhere with typos and run-on sentences. We can provide eagle eye proofreading, and tight editing. We can help you find your own voice, or help you tell your story more succinctly. Whether it’s a 1200-word blog post, a 100-page technical report or a 100,000-word novel we can help put a polish on your writing to make the pages sing.


We can work with you to polish your brand’s existing image or rehabilitate a tarnished one. From simple social media consulting to full on public relations campaigns we will work with you to put your best foot forward to make people not only want to buy what you’re selling, but to be your own club of ambassadors and evangelists.

Contract Negotiation

We have 20 years’ experience in putting people together. Whether you need a contract reviewed, a dispute resolved or a deal negotiated, we can put our legal chops to work for you to find creative solutions or to help get the deal done.

Project Coordination

We’ve been putting pieces together for 30 years, We coordinate with artists, photographers, copywriters, web developers, printers, talent and media so you can focus on what you do best, and leave the details to us.


We partner with a network of creative web developers who can help make your message an on-line success. From independent authors, to law firms; from Big Three Automotive to satellites in space, our team has developed an on-line presence for clients in the private, corporate and government sectors – with specific expertise in Section 508 compliance.


VinConceivable - we create the buzz.
You have a story to tell but you are not sure how to tell it.

And you don’t know where to start. The Big Boys control the conversation and it’s tough to break through all that noise. That is where we come in. We love the Little Guy. The snarky gal. The slightly quirky and the just plain weird. We want to be your champion. We’ll help you spread the word. Get people talking. About you. Your brand. Your concept. Your story. With over 30 years' experience we have helped people launch everything from new retail concepts to software consulting. From executive education to college football websites. From British-themed pubs to corner wine bars. From crowd-sourced multimedia documentaries to award-winning wine blogs to books set in the 'hood. Through traditional publicity and targeted social media, we can help spread the word.

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Amy Corron Power

Queen Bee
A licensed attorney, certified mediator, award-winning writer and public relations guru, Amy has over 30 years in advertising, copywriting, marketing and promotion and over 10 years’ working in the legal profession.
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The Field

Clients & Industries
Amy works with clients in art, film, advertising, public relations, consulting, sales, mergers and acquisitions, and litigation in a variety of industries including retail, higher education, travel, politics, food and beverage, manufacturing, oil & gas services, hospitality, telecommunications and high tech.
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The Hive

Education & Degrees
Amy earned a B.A. in Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations and Journalism, with a double minor in management and political science from Marshall University; an M.B.A. in International Business from the University of Houston, and a J.D. with a focus in Labor Relations from the University of Toledo.
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The Buzz

Writing & Social Media
She co-authors the award winning Another Wine Blog, where she covers wine, food and travel, and is a California Wine Appellation Specialist. She has traveled the wine world both domestically and internationally. A social media maven, Amy connects with over 20k combined followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


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